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How China Uses Social Media for Business

Social media has taken the world by storm within the last 10 years. With billions of users worldwide across a variety of platforms, social media has become a major powerhouse when it comes to vast quantities of personal information that businesses can leverage to find clients, make sales, and conduct market research. However there is no place in the world which uses social media for business as innovatively as China.

While social media marketing agencies in Australia are certainly leading edge in some regards, the fact is, Chinese social media has taken on a unique importance due to the political freedoms, or lack thereof, afforded to the average citizen. In China, there’s still a strong governmental presence in the press, and this can limit the kind of information that is available to citizens, particularly the kind of free flow of ideas, opinions, thoughts, and recommendations that are so common in Australia and the rest of the western world. This is where social media in China thrives, though, because even with large numbers of government regulators and censoring of certain kinds of speech, social media in China is still one of the freest places for a Chinese citizen and Chinese businessmen to be able to conduct business with a minimal amount of interference.

One of the other Innovative aspects of Chinese social media is the way in which it integrates with buying so seamlessly. Social media and e-commerce go hand-in-hand in China so much that that in Chinese social media and e-commerce systems, one can go very swiftly from word-of-mouth recommendations to immediately buying those products. This kind of integration between payment systems, social media, and e-commerce creates a kind of seamless blend which makes it possible to even pay bills via social media. This integration is important in China more so than other places because of the restrictions placed on freedom of speech in the public forum. However, online the quantity of information is just too vast for any amount of decent regulating and so e-commerce and social media have begun to become one and the same in China.

These social media and e-commerce hybrids include features similar to Pinterest so you can post pictures of items and things that you have bought, recommend them to friends, like and share these said products, and even drop in buttons that allow for instant buying and shipping. Imagine a combination between LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon, and your bank all wrapped into a singular website and you will start to have an idea of the mechanism that Chinese businessmen are using to make money through social media, even in property deals.

Social media marketing agencies in Australia can make use of this power by joining in and finding ways to promote their own products and goods through the Chinese hybrid system. This allows for brand creation in ways that are not common in Australia or other countries. What can be said for certain is that this hybrid system is likely to continue to be a powerhouse of Chinese industry for years to come.