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Core Energetics and the effect on character structures

Core Energetics refer to a structural system that coheres psychotherapy and development in one’s spirituality in order to enable individuals to consciously diffuse negative energy. At the heart of this system is the analysis of character structures that influence behavior. Character refers to deep-seated patterns in the following spheres of life: physical, emotional, psychological and relational, all of which can be traced back to hurts experienced in one’s child years. Understandably, this has an effect on individual personalities, whether you are of the more independent American personality, or thrive in the interdependent relations predisposed to those with an Asian personality.

What is the mode of action of Core Energetics?

Core Energetics work by using the energy that radiates from someone’s life, using this as a channel for self-healing and improvement. Life energy is integral to just about every facet of daily life. The fundamental rule in Core Energetics is that this life energy represents the sum of energy and awareness of one’s consciousness. This creates the perfect base for the realization of great potential.

The aforementioned life energy is responsible for every single activity in life; it is who you are when stripped of material acquisitions. Having mentioned that childhood development has a huge impact on character structures, and consequently on Core Energetics, it is important to understand how the early stages of growth help influence one’s character.

Early development and how this forms character

At birth, every individual has the right to life’s essential needs, food, shelter and clothing. Additionally, the presence of person-specific temperaments does not take away the fact that everyone has an inherent abrasiveness that causes them to want to look for ways to meet life’s basic needs.

When these needs are met in the early stages of life (during childhood), there is a sense of harmony so that it is easy for individuals to want to reach out again. The reverse is true when the quest to meet one’s needs is riddled with been unwanted – pain endures, disrupting the harmony that typifies life energy. These experiences constitute painful childhood experiences.

To put this in perspective, a child whose needs are not met by their primary caregivers resorts to withdrawing from the very quest for life’s basic needs, instead getting fulfillment from the quiescence. This simple illustration however, creates the basic foundation for character. It also determines an individual’s outlook on life, shaping the kind of energy that flows into their lives.

Character Structures and the flow of energy in Core Energetics

Once character structures have taken shape in an individual, they determine how an individual reacts to every aspect of their life, regardless of their personality. The historical aspect of these structures steers the flow of energy, often causing individuals to shy away from living life to the fullest, afraid to charter new paths and experience the magic of the present. Understanding the place of Core Energetics means that you will be better placed to address character structures and improve the flow of life energy at a personal level.

Life energy determines how one acts, and is largely influenced by character structures that take shape in the early years of one’s childhood. By understanding the place of Core Energetics, and how the flow of this vital energy impacts life’s daily decisions, it is easy to make adjustments accordingly to make the most of each present moment.