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K Pop, J Pop, Make Way For C Pop!

Over the last decade or so, the Asian pop culture has swept the entertainment industry across the world. The Asian pop is said to have its origins from the Western pop, but it has its own genre and vibe that is far different from its roots. Music pundits may have their biases on Korean Pop (K Pop) and Japanese Pop (J Pop), although the Chinese Pop (C Pop) is more superiour in various aspects. Undeniably, K Pop is getting more popular than ever and J Pop is steadily on the rise. But K Pop and J Pop should make way for C Pop as it starts to pique global interest.

K Pop, J Pop, Make Way for C Pop!

Just last year, Twitter announced that they will be working with KKBOX, the Asian version of Spotify, in an effort to push further the C Pop wave into the world. Everyone should make way for C Pop as C Pop artists are now technologically equipped to start engaging with their fans from all parts of the world. In addition, KKBOX is set to create exclusive C Pop content on Twitter, which includes Q&A interviews of C Pop stars, updates from Chinese musicians touring Australia, live broadcast of C Pop concerts, and polls and contests meant for C Pop fans overseas.

C Pop is a broad genre of Chinese music. It was first used in the 1920s and has the influence of American Jazz music. Today, there are three strands of C Pop that is making waves in Asia. These are the cantopop, mandopop, and twpop. Cantopop, or Cantonese pop music, is a mixture of Chinese and Western music, and is well-perceived in Hong Kong and the Mainland. On the other hand, mandopop (Mandarin pop music) has its own following in some parts of the Mainland, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Twpop, or Taiwanese pop, is similar to mandopop and cantopop. It was classified as such just to show distinction.

C Pop Versus K Pop, J Pop

When talking about Asian pop culture, some people believe that C Pop perfectly represents it. Unlike K Pop and J Pop that are “tawdry” imitation of Western pop, C Pop has an oirginality and certain mildness that the fans love about. One of the issues that C Pop artists should work on is how to subject the music to more exposure. In addition, the lack of marketing and advertising in China of C Pop makes it less commercial than its Asian counterparts. But with the help of technology, like what Twitter and KKBOX is try to accomplish, K Pop and J Pop should make way for C Pop as it hits the global spotlight.