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Tourism Merchandise: I Love China

Using promotional products is a good way to increase brand impression, brand retention and brand promotion. In fact, promotional products now serve as a company’s calling card. According to studies, the best-selling promotional products are apparels. Writing instruments, drinkware, stickers and magnets are also among the favorite items of customers.

Travel agencies and businesses in the travel and hospitality industries often utilize tourism merchandise in their publicity efforts. The most common promotional products in Australia are caps, T-shirts, coffee mugs and sweaters. This being said, the use of such merchandise is only effective if the target customers are specifically identified.

Tourism Merchandise: I Love China

According to reports, the country’s international arrivals grew by 4.4 percent last year. A total of $ 1.2 billion was spent by holidaymakers and travelers in the entertainment and hospitality sectors. This makes China, alongside with the United States and Spain, as the top destinations of international tourists.

Because of the growing tourism market in the country, businesses in the travel industry are coming up with various marketing strategies. These aim to attract new customers and retain the old ones. They either conduct trade shows, advertise online and offline, and sponsor events and giveaways that concur with the company’s services. Aside from these, they use tourism merchandise with printed promotional messages, such as ‘I Love China’.

With tourism merchandise, businesses can give their brand the possibility of travelling across the globe. These items also help travelers in making preparations for their future escapades. For instance, luggage tags can be used to mark and secure a person’s travel bag. Other merchandise like neck pillows provide comfort when travelling by air, land or seas.

Tourism merchandise is also applicable in travel amenities. Travel-sized toiletries and eyemasks with inscripted promotional messages do not only give holidaymakers what they need, but also get your business’ name out there.

Using Promotional Products

One of the best reasons why tourism merchandise is best for your business is that you can generate a marketing campaign on a limited budget. Travel agencies with deep pockets have a slight upper hand in using promotional products. They can give away lots of items that have their business’ name and promotional message written on it.

There is a large assortment of various tourism merchandise that you can use. For example, you can utilize the typical pens and mugs, or select an item that best represents the Chinese tourism. Just remember to choose a handy promotional product that they can carry with them all the time.